Denture Repairs

A fracture can involve any damage to the denture. Any type of repair to the denture is much less ideal then making a new one.

The most common reason for fracture in a denture; is accidental dropping of the denture in the case of the lower denture, and improper fitting and stability of the denture in the upper denture.

Techniques to prevent denture from being broken:

  1. Use a basin of water in the sink, to help prevent the denture from breaking if happens to fall on a hard surface.
  2. Hold the denture in non-dominant hand with a firm, but gentle grasp.
  3. Do not use any powdered or abrasive cleaners, including most regular toothpastes, they are too abrasive and produce scratches on the denture surface.
  4. Avoid excessive scrubbing as this can damage the denture.
  5. Dry denture and place in a plastic container stored some where safe over night.